Mrs. Epiphania   Kimaro

Director General

Dr. Magreth Mollel

Ag. Director of Technical Services and Head of the National Genetics Resource Center

Mr. Elias Mekaba

Ag.Head of the Human Resources and Administration Office

Mr. Costa Haule

Ag. Chief Accountant

 Dr. Shandala Msangi

Head of the Livestock and Human Disease Vector Division

 Ms. Florence Mununa

Ag. Head of the  Plant Protection Divsion

 Dr. Efrem Njau

Head of the National Herbarium of Tanzania

Mr. Evarist Barakael

Ag.Head of the Procurement Management Unit

 Mrs. Christine Mkamba

Internal Auditor

Dr. Eliningaya Kweka

Ag. Director of Research 

Dr. Elikana Lekei

Ag. Registrar of Pesticides and Head of the Pesticides and Environmental Management Division

Mr. Zawadi Mpukwini

Ag. Head of the National Plant Quarantine Station Division

Mr. John Sylivester

Head of the ICT Unit